Problems with Forerunner & Strava

fgaffney Posts: 49
edited October 2012 in Road general
I'm having intermittent issues uploading some rides from my Garmin Forerunner 305 to Strava. For some unknown reason a number of my rides are appearing as 'Empty' on the upload screen and yet the same rides all upload perfectly to Garmin Connect.

Strava also seems to prefer Google Chrome to Internet Explorer as IE regularly freezes after detecting the Forerunner and commencing the transfer. The Forerunner’s firmware and PC Communicator plugin are both up to date and I’m using the original Garmin branded USB cable to connect the device.

I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced problems uploading from a Garmin device to Strava and if there's a fix or workaround?

I've already tried exporting the rides from Connect as a .GPX or .TCX file and then doing a manual file upload to Strava however it doesn't seem to like that either.

Many thanks in advance.