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Garmin 800 on rollers, any settings

boogi11boogi11 Posts: 354
edited October 2012 in Road beginners
Hi all, if I'm using cadence and heart rate monitor, do I need any special settings to get feedback on rollers, or does itmjustbfigurenit out,


  • mkvikenmkviken Posts: 217
    if im on the turbo i adjust wheels size setting to manual (as i use a 25 on the turbo and 23mm on the road)

    on the road i use auto wheel size and let the unit calibrate itself but when stationary i do it manually. other than that it just works fine on the turbo without adjusting anything
  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    No settings need changing on rollers - Garmin 800 works just fine as is
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