Tire pressure loss

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I managed to wear out my Marathons plus (well the rear) in under 1000miles, must be the only one and the LBS said it was because I was running them too low.

So on went a new one and new tubes both front and rear (Schwalbe not specialized).

I now run these at around 110psi and they seem to need a top up every ride (I commute so its about 32 miles a day). When I put the pump to them they are around 80/90psi, it varies.

Both tires and tubes are brand new, is this normal?

I know when I connect and disconnect the pump I seem to lose a little, but after wearing a tire out, I am a little paranoid.

thanks for any advice.


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    A) How do you determine that the tyre was worn out? 1000 miles is just 4 or 5 weeks' riding for many of us.
    B) Try pumping the tyre up, disconnecting then reconnecting your pump...you may find that the pressure in the tyre drops as the air escapes into the pump hose.
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    Indeed. I'd be going through tyres monthly...
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  • Schwalbe have removable cores on some inntertubes (maybe all - I don't know) so its possible the core is slightly unscrewed and leaking even though the little screw down nut is secure. I had this on one and took some PTFE tape to get the core to not leak.
  • Really really stupid/insulting question, but are you sure you are pumping the tire up? Thinking Presta's refusing the let any air unless you burp them first.
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    Yeah, it's normal if it goes down after each ride. I usually pump mine up after 50miles or so. But it doesn't go down as much as yours does. Are you experiencing the same thing on front and rear? Maybe it's just a slightly dodgy valve.
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    DesWeller wrote:
    B) Try pumping the tyre up, disconnecting then reconnecting your pump...you may find that the pressure in the tyre drops as the air escapes into the pump hose.

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    1000 miles for a tyre is ridiculous. I'd have had another on warranty if that ever happened to me - that's just a few weeks and I typically get 6 months before the wallet gets hit again (Conti Force/Attack or GP4000s).

    The tyres have nothing to do with air loss either way, but very thin butyl tubes or latex tubes loose more air than standard ones. I pump mine every ride as wet/icy days aside I like to keep them at 110psi (100 for dodgy days or even slightly lower if it's really bad) but I wouldn't be worried about what you're seeing if you leave it a few days between rides and are loosing pressure into a floor pump to get the reading. Overnight it's excessive though - maybe valve as suggested above or just a poor quality pressure meter on your pump giving dodgy readings?
  • The air you hear escaping when you disconnect your track pump is just the air in the hose and barrel of the pump.
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    I'm pumping my rear up to 110 psi and front to 95 every few days. When i reconnect the pump after 2 or 3 days it reads 80 - 90. Some bleeding at high pressure is expected, as is leakage into the pump chamber when reconnected. Schwalbe say top up every week. Its a 20 second job doing it twice a week and 3 or 4 strokes of the pump puts them back at optimum for me.
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    Cheers all. I guess I have to live with it. I really do not want to.remove the tire again.

    I was pretty surprised with the mileage but I was only checking once a week. The M+ on the mtb still have loadz of air in them.