Stolen Fuji Roubaix 2 from Cathays, Cardiff

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Bike was stolen last night from my back garden in Cathays. This is the most recent picture I have of it...


It has a Tiagra groupset with an FSA Omega Crankset, Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels and bright yellow Schwalbe Blizzard tyres ready for the winter :( No other distinctive features apart from the tyres.

Thanks for reading.


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    My shed was done that night too just up the road in the Colonies, thieving scrotes.
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  • There's been a series of shed break-ins lately 'though that's No Sh*t Sherlock to you'. FWIW I had my Cannondale nicked a year back - separate thread today refers. I kept a daily ebay watch/search on Cannondale, regularly searched through Gumtree / Cardiff, trawled round all the cash converters for a good few weeks.

    My bike was nicked in November but came up on Gumtree in May. No photo but a really badly written description that a described my bike's unique features but was so badly written that it was obvious the person didn't have a clue what he had. I rang and asked the scrote to sms me a photo - didn't get one. I then reported it to the Police and had a game of round the houses - Roath, Cardiff Central and Whitchurch until one PC called to say that this was a prevalent crime and they would follow up. Unfortunately this was several weeks later and the search produced nothing. Funnily enough when I located my stolen bike last week - see separate thread - the person on it claimed to have bought it from small ads in May.

    Keep an eye for it - it may turn up. Good luck.
  • Yeah it sucks, I'm looking online everyday at the moment but got a feeling I will see it around as Cardiff isn't the biggest place... Almost jumped when I saw a white Cannondale earlier with the same tyres I had on mine!
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    A 54CM. Not sure what size your frame is..
  • Yeah seen that one knocking about on there for a while, mines a 58cm and will probably have Fulcrum 5 wheels not the stock ones on that one, appreciate you keeping an eye out though :)
  • When are people going to realize? don't leave valuable goods in your shed. Keep it indoors.