Koolstop salmon

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Does the pointed end go at the front or back? I could take a look at the directional indicators but can't be bothered especially if they are already the right way round..

I'vr got the pointed ends at the back, is this right?


  • The Mechanic
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    They will only fit in the holder one way. Assuming they are dura brake shoes, the line cut into the shoe when it slides into the holder should line up with the grub screw on the holder. Make sure that the closed end of the holder is always facing to the front of the bike, otherwise the shoe can be ejected when you brake. The "pointy" end always faces backwards as it acts are a first point of contact with the rim and clears it of water, muck etc (that's the theory anyway) and also helps to prevent squealing. If you take all these things into account you will soon realise that there is only one way to fit them.
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    i don't really get the point of the pointed end on these pads, because they wear flat and flush with the rest of the pad fairly quickly so what's the point in having it there in the first place?! But for the record, I believe the pointed end goes at the back, so that it contacts the rim first and scrubs it clean or water/dirt before the bulk of the pad binds the rim.