What's in your porridge???

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Porridge and what forum??.


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    What forum?
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    I am regular poster on the PorridgeLovers forum. Lots of recipes on there.
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  • Made with milk and a pinch of salt. Eaten with Kelloggs All Bran and a dollop of golden syrup.

    It is the ONLY way
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    I prefer to eat porridge while I browse the BikeRadar forum and my club's message board. In the porridge goes salt and water. I then pour a splash of cold milk over the top when it's done.
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    Lactose free milk - spoon of choccy spread/maple syrup+cinnamon/assorted flavour syrups.
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    Cinnamon and almonds. Adds a bit of protein to balance out the carbs (well, that's what a nutritionist I went to see for a few sessions said anyway).
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    Chopped dates, seeds, berries some whey poweder and semi-skimmed milk and probiotic yoghurt. I have the oats cold as well
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    I make it with water, oats, wheat bran, chocolate protein powder, banana or blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon.
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    Shitloads of golden syrup.
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    coriordan wrote:
    Shitloads of golden syrup.

    You mean there are options? Though this was the only recipe! :D
  • Half milk, half water, some raisins, then 2 teaspoons of Demerara sugar stirred in when ready, and another two sprinkled on top so it forms a sweet crunchy crust.
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    McDonalds offer maple syrup option
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    A wee dram of course!!
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    For 2 (me and the g/f), I make porridge (Falagans) and heat for 5 mins in the microwave, then add a finely chopped up apple, banana and handful of raisins, then heat for another 2 mins. Scrummy.
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  • Rolled Oats, with honey and sultanas
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    I put a good chain oil in mine. If I don't, my commute will be at least 2 mins slower
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    Bloody hell there's quite a lot of short chain suger action going on here!
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    Full fat milk and a covering of sugar.
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    Jordan's course rolled oats (Organic) with water. Nuked for a total of 4 1/2 mins, then sprinkled with Pumpkin seeds, Pine Nuts and Flax seed.
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    hopper1 wrote:
    Jordan's course rolled oats (Organic)

    This with milk and a BIG dollop of Belle Maman Strawberry Conserve for a great big sugar rush to tide you over before the Low GI stuff kicks in :D
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    lc1981 wrote:
    I prefer to eat porridge while I browse the BikeRadar forum and my club's message board. In the porridge goes salt and water. I then pour a splash of cold milk over the top when it's done.

  • It really varies, depending on ride/no ride (currently no cycle commute due to problems with bike storage for the past few months), and mood...

    Either oats and water or oats with a mixture of milk and water (1:3; measured in cups) with raisins/sultanas/currants/a mixture

    or (and currently) oats (measured precisely) and milk (measured imprecisely), with two heaped tablespoons of golden syrup. Jam is nice too, of course. I wonder what the two would be like together...

    Or anything else I feel inclined towards... I always soak the oats overnight, though.
  • Standard: Oats, milk, lots of golden syrup, large sprinkling of brown demerera sugar, splash of milk on top

    Occasional: As above but with chopped banana.

    Like the idea of having cinnamon, almonds & raisens in there, gonna try that!
  • Tesco porridge, Skimmed milk, then a bit of golden syrup, works for all my rides.
  • neeb
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    Water and salt only.

    Unless I'm making it for the jersey pocket, in which case there is loads of mashed banana in it and it has to be "cured" in the oven in little slices and then left to go cold. The trick is to get solidly gelatinous enough to keep its shape..
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    Unless it's Manuka which I eat separately as the good stuff in it dies off if it's heated above 40c (apparently)
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    Scott's old fashioned oats(jumbo size) and made with skimmed milk. A dollop of honey added to sweeten. Everyday in life regardless of the seasons.
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    Rather stupid one, I know - but what's the difference between the 'oat so simple' packs and a sack of Scott's Porridge Oats (I am a Scotts man, not a Quaker man, but will probably be buying own brand this winter).

    I use oat so simple and its dead easy (2 sachets of oats: 1.5 sachets of milk), yet time after time after time I screw up making rice, and fear this may occur without the handy measuring pack.

    I hope greantea wades in here and calls me an effing plank, cos I deserve it......