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Something I don't like

nick1972nick1972 Posts: 144
edited October 2012 in Road beginners
I'm new to cycling (7 weeks) and have finally found something I don't enjoy. Punctures!!! I had to fix my first puncture since I was about 13 years old (i'm 40 now). Not an enjoyable experience.


  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    Just carry a couple of spare tubes & fix them in your own time. Park tool patches speed things up somewhat - not everybody is keen on them mind.
  • FlacVestFlacVest Posts: 100
    Bring 1 spare tube; if you aren't racing, make sure you're using durable tires and not something extremely thin.

    I use Continental GP 4000s and love them; have hit and run over beer bottles without a flat along with random glass on the roads.

    I had some racing tires on before, but having to stop and fix a flat or dodge every piece of glass on the road wasn't my cup of tea.
  • TakeTurnsTakeTurns Posts: 1,075
    -Keep your tyre pressure topped up
    -Get a decent pair of tyres, the standard ones which are supplied on new bikeS tend to be useless
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