Does anyone else clean their shoes?

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Just cleaned my shoes.. bought some Nikwax shoe cleaning gel on impulse from PBK and a quick scrub has made a difference over wiping them down quickly with a wet-wipe after mucky rides.

I feel like when I get some new shoes its going to become an obsession though.. might have to get black so I'm not scrubbing them after every ride :mrgreen:


  • Calpol
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    Nah I just wipe em clean with baby wipe every now and then. They are only DHB MTB shoes so not worth taking too much care of. Plan to get some better ones after the winter. Not quite sure what ones though.
  • I clean my shoes everytime they get dirty even if they're just splashed! I don't use any cleaning products just a damp flannel.
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    I'd imagine your bike must be sparkling if you keep your shoes that clean. :shock:

    I wear overshoes throughout the year, yes I'm obsessed. :D
  • They get a bit of a half-arsed wipe down if it's been particularly mucky, but that's about it. They're black, so they don't really show ordinary road grime.
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    Mine go in the dishwasher every so often.
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    Nope. Never cleaned my cycling shoes.
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    I have a pair of Specialized shoes that I bought in 2007. I've used them to commute to work and back in all weathers, on the turbo, in triathlons, on long rides, short rides, medium rides and in total notched up over 10,000 miles in them. They look pretty beat up now (and I've bought a pair of S-Works shoes for nice days this year), but they're still perfectly functional. The one thing I've never done with them is wash them in any way, never even wiped them over with a rag or a wet wipe. The closest they've gotten to being cleaned is riding in the rain:

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    Calpol wrote:
    Plan to get some better ones after the winter. Not quite sure what ones though.
    got Giro Factor from ebay real cheap and I think this is best money/weight ratio. 455 gr for 110 quid!
  • alihisgreat
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    Mine were bought in January and haven't seen much wet use:


    I do quite like the look for the new Giro Empire lace-ups.. but will probably stick with Shimano and get something lighter and stiffer next year.
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    always - but they have done many km's now, I have a new pairs waiting to be christened, but white shoes do carry a burden!
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    I've got one pair of shoes that are about 20 years old that have never been cleaned and another that are 3 years old and the same applies. I wear overshoes in the worst weather but for some reason they never seem to get that dirty anyway (I wouldn't use white shoes on the bike though). I open them up and put kitchen roll in them to dry them out, wash the insoles and occasionally if the smell they go in the freezer.
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    proto wrote:
    Nope. Never cleaned my cycling shoes.

    +1 - Never ever cleaned my shoes. The rain does that round here.
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