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Lightweight rain jacket

GSJGSJ Posts: 150
edited October 2012 in Commuting general
I'm looking for a lightweight as it will be in my backpack rain jacket, BUT big but I want one with a hood, and I can't find anything!
If you have one or something similar please do share.

Also! I ride a fixed gear bike which has bolts instead of quick release mechanism, so I need fenders my tyre's are 700x23
if you can recommened any clip on fendors that would be great :) thanks. cheap too under £20 if possible (not sure how much they normally are)


  • Got my cycling jacket from aldi. Superb little jacket, keeps the wind and rain out brilliantly. Dosnt have a hood though.
  • nigglenoonigglenoo Posts: 177
    I got a Montane H2O from TK Maxx a couple of months ago for £50. Its not cycling specific but it does have a hood that rolls up into the collar and yet it packs down really small (would fit in an average size coffee mug). Its quite breathable but the sleeves can be a bit flappy at 20mph plus and the colour is a bit naff, a kind of washed out lemon that is not really hi-viz.

    As for 'fenders', which I call mudguards, I presume you are saying you have rear facing horizontal 'track' type drop outs and want to be able to detach a mudguard quickly if you need to get the wheel out. I have heard of people using an extra pair of Secu-clip safety clips, that are meant for the front fork, to attach the rear mudguard stays on normal type mudguards. You can then pull the stays out of the clips instantly and should have enough flex in the mudguard to get the wheel out. I recommend SKS Chromplastic as they last longest so are worth the extra in the long run, you will want the 'Narrow' 35mm size. This is all assuming you have enough clearance between you tyres and frame/fork.
  • They are expensive but the Gore Bike Wear Paclite Jackets...Path & Alp X are great. I got my Path on eBay for £50.
    I'm over 6' and have quite a large head.
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