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After much umming and arring, searching the internet, trawling Ebay and reading countless reviews and boring the other half stupid, I've finally taken the plunge and bought my 1st road bike. :D

Obviously looking at £500+ bikes and cheaper 2nd hand examples on Ebay with no commitment until I arrived home from work and the missus suggested we have a drive down to Sheffield!!!

She'd made my mind up for me and a trip to Decathlon was on the cards. Discussed it in the car driving down and it made sense. Being a beginner, why not buy a relatively cheap new bike which would come with warranty, new parts and a free service thrown in. If the idea of cycling goes Pete Tong, no great capital outlay.
Anyway, they had quite a few B'Twin Triban 3's in stock in a few sizes. Got fitted up with a 54cm model and had a good old whizz round the shop on it. Bloody hell, them tyres are narrow!!! Bought a few accessories too such as pump, a couple of inner tubes, levers and lights etc.

Happy as Larry and can't wait to get out for my first ride!

Just thought I'd share. :)


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    Yay! :D
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  • Well done mate, you've approached this in a sensible way and also made an excellent choice in the triban 3. Enjoy sir, you're going to love it.
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    Good time of year to start.

    Get the experience and miles in, the weather will toughen you up and by the time the sun comes out next year you'll be a King of the Road.
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    Welcome to the sport. Good decision you've made by deciding not to lash out loads of money at the beginning. However, I'm pretty sure you won't be turning back. ;)
    As you develop and gain experience, you'll appreciate a well deserved upgrade in the future. I too started in the winter(almost there), it will really strengthen you mentally. Just make sure you have the correct clothing for riding in the cold and take it easy!
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    I picked one up 2 weeks ago for pretty much the same reasons as you. Be warned though... I have spent pretty much the same amount again on gear and theres still more I want (need if the other half asks).
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    i'm finding out that the cost of your bike is just the beginning. My costs are going up and up daily. So addictive though
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    Indeed. I bought a used Cannondale back in January for £320 and since then with the money I have spent on clothes, wheels and general maintenance/fault rectification etc. I could have had Bradleys Pinnarello :-)

    Still better than spending it on drugs or whores.....I do miss them though 8)
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  • Good for you! And great choice of bike :)

    Cycling is very additictive and as others have said, this is just the beginning in terms of fun and cost. Enjoy!
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    Just to echo what everyone else has said. I thought cycling to work would save me money, I was wrong.
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    +1 to all the above. I got 1 last Saturday and love it.
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  • Right then!

    I've made the first move, I have the bike and a few accessories.

    Next on list of "to do's"


    Any advice on relatively cheap, but good quality helmets and cycling clothing please?

    Also, what clothing should I be looking for? Absolute newbie to the sport so a bit clueless! :roll:
    Looking to do the commute to work (shortish distance) as well as weekend runs out.

    Many thanks.
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    Aldi sale a few weeks ago, great place for entry level windproof jacket and winter tights, also the odd glove and cheap undershirt base layer. Well worth the money. But do spend a bit more on a decent pair of well padded cycling shorts, theres a lot to choose from in the £25 - £35 bracket. Do you need to spend more than that? Probably not, wait till the spring and longer rides out, you'll know then a lot better what you need and what you don't.
  • Lidl are also good for cheap gear. I got a cycle helmet there and it meets the same safety standards as much more expensive ones.

    Enjoy your new acquisition. It is truly addictive though!