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Choosing a new bike (Help needed)

doona46doona46 Posts: 6
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Hi, I'm brand new to this forum, so hopefully i've posted this in the correct place. If not sorry.

I currently commute 8 miles a day (on main roads) & have done for about the last 12 years. I have been using a 'Rayleigh Cayusa' mountain bike fitted with slicks. The bike has served me really well, but is pretty much worn out (16 stone rider, lack of proper servicing etc!!)

My work are running a 'cycle to work scheme' & I have decided to invest in a replacement bike. I've been looking at spending around £750. Ideally i want the bike to serve me as well as my current (soon to be retired) one, so i'm not overly concerned about names. It needs to be able to accommodate mudguards (fed up of getting soaked & filthy), ideally it will also be able to take a pannier rack.
The scheme work have signed too is the 'Halfords' one, which clearly favours their own range (including Boardman) I can get other bikes, Specialised, Cannondale etc, but from independent approved dealers, not any of the larger stores on the internet.

I reckon I have narrowed it down to the following, but there are some pros & cons to them:

Cannondale Bad Boy Fatty 6 (£699)
+ Seems to get good reviews.
- Will not be available until 15th Jan 2013 (at the earliest!)

Boardman Team Hybrid (£750)
+ Gets really good reviews
- Halfords get really poor reviews (on the whole)

So, what would you suggest / recommend? Any other bikes that may suit my demanding needs?

Cheers Rich

P.S: The scheme starts on Monday next week & only lasts for 4 weeks, so i need to be fairly quick in identifying one. Plus my wife says she will consider divorce proceedings if i don't stop researching bikes on the internet (not sure if this is an incentive or not! :lol: )


  • godders1godders1 Posts: 750
    Any particular reason why you're looking at hybrids? I would at least consider a road bike (assuming a road bike that meets your requirements and that's within your budget is available through the scheme). Or maybe a cyclocross bike (with road tyres).
  • Hi Godders,
    I was looking at hybrids for no reason other than i assumed they would meet my needs the closest (I'm 16 stone, need mudguards & a pannier, plus i guess they are fairly close to what i currently have (well sort of!))
    I originally looked at the Ribble Winter trainer, but can't get it on the scheme work are using. I did look at the Specialised tri cross (disc model) but again there were issues with the Scheme & who could provide the bike.
    I'm not sure what the issue is with the 'Halfords' scheme but it really isn't easy to source a bike outside the Halfords Group. I live in the East Midlands & the main independent shops they said i can use are in the West Midlands!
    I've kinda resigned myself to one of the above bikes, just need to decide on which compromise I'll have to make (Time delay or potentially dodgy service)
  • No way of getting a 2012 Bad Boy? Maybe at a good discount?

    As an opinion on the options, I had the same choice (amongst others) a while back. Then, as now, the Boardman was better on paper. I found the 'Dale was better on the road, though, for my tastes. A bike you can grab by the scruff. As with all such things, your mileage may vary, and in the intervening time, the bikes might be somewhat different. Halfords' policy of not offering test rides is really not helping them or anyone else out here.
  • Tried to get a 2012 Badboy, but there is a very limited sup
  • Tried to get a 2012 Badboy, but there is a very limited supply and they are medium or small frames. Looks like I'm stuck with a 2013 (& a wait) if I want one
  • Ignore the half written post, I've got fat fingers!
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