Advice for getting oil out of windproof softshell

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I have no idea which forum to post this in. To be honest I'm not sure it's even on the right website. Maybe I'll cross post on mumsnet too...

As per the title does anyone have any advice for getting oil out of a windproof softshell jacket?

I went out yesterday and I've obviously picked up some oil which has flicked up onto my white Gore jacket. It got washed with NikWax Tech Wash as usual and whilst the general road dirt has come out the black flecks have remained.

If I use something more "aggressive" and then reproof it with TX Direct it is it likely to help?


  • zx6man
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    Have you tried baby wipes? May do the trick.
  • Joeblack
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    When I got oil in one of my tops I used this -

    It got it straight out, you apply it directly to the stain and then wash the whole item. Worked a treat
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    zx6man wrote:
    Have you tried baby wipes? May do the trick.
    I'll give them a go because I've got loads and they work wonders on the bike. It looks like the spots have "fixed" into the fabric though after the wash.

    If that fails I'll try some of the direct application things although I suspect they will also do a pretty good job of stripping away the windproofing.
  • lef
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    spray it with muck off de-greaser, rub it in good, then hand wash with washing powder. The de-greaser has never stained anything.