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I have been using a Jet Black Z1 fluid trainer for about a year now. It is my first foray into the world of Turbos. I have only been cycling about 3 years (not seriously - I dont compete).

I find the effort much greater than cycling on the road e.g. I can fairly easily cycle 40 miles on the road (fairly flat) in an average speed of over 15mph but on the turbo I really struggle to reach that average speed over 10 miles. It takes real sustained effort and my heart rate refects that it is a hard pyhsical effort. I can cyle shorter distances on the road, say 15 miles at 18-20 mph.

I used to do a lot of running and used a treadmill and found that the comparison between road running and treadmill running pretty close but the difference between road cycling and turbo training seems huge (for me anyway).

I am getting a little hacked off as it is a bit demoralising to be killng myself on the turbo but it is not reflected in the speed.


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    The good news is that speeds on your turbo mean Jack. Turn down the resistance on your turbo and use your gears as a means to adjust how hard you work. It will never be pleasant but you should invest in a Sufferfest video to embrace the pain 8) I would not dream of getting on a indoor trainer without hooking up to the 'fest, they are great. Check out the latest edition 'There is No Try'.
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