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I'm looking to get a workshop manual that will give me an idea about how to do most things on a road bike, any ideas?

Also looking for a book to instruct / guide me through a wheel build.

Thanks in advance! 8)


  • nicklouse
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    dont bother.

    read the links in my sig. print out sheldons wheel building info.

    Or get the Wheelpro wheel building book. PDF download only.
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    Zinn and the art of Road Bike Maintenance.

    You don't need to buy it, go to your library.
    If they don't have it (not likely) they should be able to order it in. As very few others will want it it will then be available to you pretty much all the time. I kept my copy for aboout 9 months by renewing on-line although no-one has taken it out of my local branch apart from me since (in the last 5 years).
    Don't need it now, and didn't need it much then, but always likely to be there or in the library system.
    Total cost to me 30p :D
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    Sounds like a good plan!
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    +1 for the Don't bother option. When I had a mountain bike I had a couple of books but they quickly went out of date as technology advanced.

    Sheldon / Park Tool / Youtube and / or specific manufacturers' websites provide all you need. I use the laptop in the garage; just stick a plastic bag over the keyboard if you're googling mid-task.