How far could I cycle in one day.

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Morning all, I'm looking at doing a long distance cycle next summer, just after some opinions at how far i could cycle on one day. I'm reasonably fit now, but I have just started training so will get fitter. I have a decent ish road bike and I'll cycling all on roads.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    400+ miles if you plan on going a full 24 hours. If you want to be mre reasonable and take your time as well as sticking to daylight then 200 is easily achieved.
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  • excellent, thanks for the reply, it's 160 miles I plan on trying but people are telling me that is too much and should split it over two days but I want a proper challenge and I think doing 80 over a 10 hour day will be too easy.
  • That is certainly do-able. There are nutters on here into audax (check out some of their threads over in expedition area) who will do 400 or 600 km (and longer) in one go. They will be able to give you lots of good advice as well, the main one being: ride lots! Good luck with it.
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  • Brilliant thanks Belgian, I'll check them out! My car can't even do 600km in one go!!!
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    Stage 5 of the 1919 tour de France was 482km, 299 miles. they probably took it easy though with another 2 weeks of riding ahead...All on steel bikes AND in black and white.

    Greg Kolodziejzyk set the land distance record at 647 miles (1,041 km) in 24 hours at Eureka, CA on July 17, 2006

    If you're as fit as me, 50...
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    A couple of years ago, a few friends and I rode the ridgeway on MTB's in 8 hours, if i remember correctly its 90 miles end to end, but we then rode from and to my house which was a little bit. Total was 106 miles, so 160 miles on a road bike in a day would be easy, just set your pace and stick to it, dont try and shoot off and the start.
  • I'm looking to organise a 200 miler for next year, reckon on averaging 12mph to account for stops
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    I've ridden 175 miles in a day more than once, on a loaded touring bike. A group of us are planning to ride to Blackpool and back in day next year for charity, that's 244 miles, on road bikes.
  • 160 miles in one day - painful, not much fun after the first 100 I'd say

    160 miles in two days - excellent and far more enjoyable!
  • 123.45miles
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    Id say it depends on whether you mean 24 hours or a standard day eg 6am to say 2200.if the latter then unless you have to 150-180 would be enough depending on the terrain....I know some who could do more but would wonder why?
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