Fitting Look pedals

steve adlem
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Bought some second hand Look Classic pedals and trying to fit to my new second hand Spesh Allez. But one pedal screws on like a glove and the other goes on 95% of the way then gets stuck. I'm reluctant to give it more force because I don't want to strip any threads. I've cleaned both the pedal thread and crank arm thread so I'm pretty confident they're not dirty or clogged up.

What do I do?
Is it ok/safe to leave it 95% in?



  • Dave_P1
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    Remove and check threads on the pedal and crank. If you only 'half fit' them they will fall over and damage the pedal and / or crank, not to mention being dangerous to you
  • centimani
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    Look REAL carefully along the length of the thread, look for alloy swarf deep in the thread, ive had that before. It just flicked out with a stanley blade, then the pedal went in easy. maybe ?

    Dont even try riding with the pedal anything but tight, you'll regret it.
  • It's nice n tight but its just abt 5mm from being at end
  • If you have any other pedals try to fit them
    At least this way you can eliminate either the pedals or the thread in the crank arm

  • redvee
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    Screw the iffy pedal in from the wrong side then try again from the right side.
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • You are screwing them in the correct way, ie taking note that they are 'handed' left and right and as a consequence, you have to turn clockwise / anticlockwise. This sounds to me as if you might have got one pedal cross threaded and hence the difficulty in getting it to screw into the crank properly.