Personal finance software recommendations ?

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Can anyone offer advice on what personal / home finance software package to go for ?
Looking for something dead easy to use and reasonably inexpensive.
Really need to tighten up the old purse strings in these times of austerity and all that and I'm starting to lose track of in and outgoings.


  • Zendog1
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    I wouldn't bother with a package.

    A simple money in / out spreadsheet will do the same job for free (tie it back to month end bank / credit card balances ). You will be amazed how much you spend on fripperies. Best to spend any savings on important things like a new bike!.
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    How does this tie in with Road General ?
  • Zendog1
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    Not very well is probably the answer !
  • Giving the OP the benefit of the doubt, they could be looking to save for a new road bike ... :-)