Could someone recommend decent bar tape?

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Ideally I'm after black/soft black/dark grey bar tape for my bike. Currently I have white bar tape which gets very grubby and personally I think it looks tacky.



  • I like Cinelli gel tape about £12 it is really comfy and looks good too. It also has the bonus of not having a sticky backing. Makes it nice and easy to apply.
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    Bontrager tape is nice and comfy and hard wearing.
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    Fizik Microtex - the white scrubs up clean every time. If you wrap your bars with electrical tape first, you can peel off and reapply your bar tape multiple times
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    +1 for Fizik Microtex
  • I'm using Deda at the moment and I have no complaints...
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    as above, fizik microtex

    if you want something softer the cinelli gel cork tape is good
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  • Just put some white Lizard skins 2.5mm on my bike and made a hell of a mess. The tape is excellent but it's a challenge to fit as you have to avoid stretching it because it's made from Dura soft polymer. Also doesn't help that I've never done it before.
    Nice substantial padded feel to it and your hands stick like glue to the bars even when wet.
    That said it is a bit pricey.
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    +1 for Lizard Skins
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    I've got some Black leather tape on my bike (it was on when I purchased the bike) and even though it's not padded at all, it's weirdly comfy...

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    It'd be easier to post - Could you please tell me which bar tape to avoid.
    Everybody seems happy with what they have, I've used BBB, Fizik, Specialized, prologo etc and they've all been fine, my flavour of the month is Specialized S-wrap classic.
    The only one I could fault but it isn't really a fault is the Fizik microtex, too thin and the soft touch tape wears away quickly.
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    I tried Fizik bar tape because it comes so highly recommended and it was the worst tape I've used. No stretch in it making it hard to wrap and it felt cheap and palsitcky to the touch. Couldn't get on with it at all.

    Bontrager tape is good but my all time fave is Deda Mistral; comfortable despite being fairly thin, nice looking and wraps easily.

    It's a bit like asking for saddle recommendations, though - it's a personal thing.

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    Monty Dog wrote:
    Fizik Microtex - the white scrubs up clean every time. If you wrap your bars with electrical tape first, you can peel off and reapply your bar tape multiple times

    is the right answer. :D
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    I like the 3T Pro Tape. Good to put on, not too padded and a nice feel to it.
    In fact I'm going to stick t on my winter bike. At some point.
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    I tried the Fizik microtex once and agree, it's awful stuff. Generally, just use Deda as its comfy and cheap, £5.80 at Ribble, so you can afford to change it every few months. A guy in my club just spent £27 on lizard skins tape :shock:
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    i had some fizik tape on my old cube and it was thin and felt like velvet and was really soft. have bought micro tex as i thought it was the same, although it stays clean I find it thin and so hard it almost cut my hands to stand with (although I dont wear gloves) Any one any idea what fizik tape i could have boguht before? like microtex but a soft plush velvet feel, although thin it was lovely to use but I dont know what it was called. I buy some if i could find it. I like the look of the lizard but have to agree bit dear as i replace mine every couple of months.
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    There is the 'soft touch' Fizik Microtex tape - in either black, dark grey or white. It's much like brushed suede. I've got the grey stuff and it's great.
  • KentPhil wrote:
    Bontrager tape is nice and comfy and hard wearing.
    Used many different types of bar tape over the years but have to agree that the Bontrager tape is pretty much the best I've used. Very comfortable and absorbs vibrations very well.
    I'm not getting old... I'm just using lower gears......
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    Fizik Microtex in the soft touch black is the best tape I've used. Strong, comfy and easy to wrap (my experience clearly differs from others above in that regard).
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    Lizard Skins DSP. Was recommended by the hop when I had the new bike built up and it is great stuff. Intend to fit it to my other bikes in due course.