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I'm new to cycling and like the idea of taking my bike on holiday either in the UK or abroad. What are hotels generally like about bikes. I'm not sure I'd want to leave my bike locked up outside overnight.

Sorry if question a silly one


  • unixnerd
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    I've found them to generally be very helpful. I suspect if may be different if you're on a mud covered mountain bike though! I work away during the week and Holiday Inn just let me leave one of my road bikes in the office behind reception.

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  • andy_wrx
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    Never had a problem - just ask at reception and they usually let you put them in a storage room or a function room they're not using or somewhere.

    Stayed in a TravelLodge the night before an event earlier this year.
    Asked the guy if we could bring the bikes into the room, explained we weren't too keen leaving them in the car as they were worth about £4-£5K, said they weren't dirty and we wouldn't drip oil on the carpet.
    "Just bring them in", he said, "You haven't asked me and I haven't seen you bring them in, just make sure they're out before 9am so the day supervisor doesn't see them - he's a b*st*rd"
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    France in general and Brittany are brilliant. In hotels or on trains, bikes rule.