Heard of this bike? Worth it?

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Scouring Ebay, like you do, I came across this bike. Never heard of them tbh (I am a newbie to cycling)
The sellers after £550. I asked him how old it was and he seems to think it's 2009/2010 but has no history. Seems a detailed description of the bike but with no history should alarm bells be ringing?
Paintwork looks a tad dull too. Wondered if it has had a respray?
Some pretty decent spec on it though.

Any idea of age?

Worth a punt for a 1st road bike?



  • hipshot
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    Focus are a very well known German company. Pro teams like Katusha and NetApp used to ride them.

    Nothing looks badly amiss, but you're always taking a chance buying 2nd hand on ebay without inspecting it first.
  • nochekmate
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    That is a Focus Variado - they are well specced for the price ...but £550??

    Never in a million years is the Variado worth that. £350 tops - bought a couple at around this figure in the past.
  • Wiggle sell Focus, very good rep. No idea if it's a good price though
  • Focus are well built, good value bike. This is alu, so would not have been too expensive to start with, so don't go daft with the cash - you may be able to get a 2011/12 version for that price.
    All the gear, but no idea...
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    Tried the Focus HP? :)
    Purveyor of "up" :)
  • il_principe
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    Overpriced. I bought an Variado Expert w/Ultegra for £600 brand new.
  • Thanks guys, appreciate your replies.

    Enquiry has now been binned!