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Upgrades on Scott Speedster s50

prenne5050prenne5050 Posts: 2
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I bought a 2012 Scott Speedster s50 a week ago as my first road bike. I think it was a really good deal. It was only $280 but the fork had a hole drilled in it through REI policy to make me replace it. So should I replace the fork with an aftermarket one or get an orginal scott fork. Also, The shifting was kind of rough. The left hand shifter which goes from the three big rings barely would shift to the largest ring so I just keep it on the small one. Is this a tuning issue or worth it to slowly upgrade to 105 components. Right now it has shimano sora. Sorry for not using correct terms or language with regards to bikes. Thanks for the help

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  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Any fork that fits is fine (assume 1 1/18th??), depends if you want to stay original or perhaps upgrade to some nice Carbon Eastons or 3T etc..

    Regarding the gear change issue the level of kit (i.e sora) will not affect its function so it must need adjusting. This could be cable tension or it could be mech travel. Google gear set up or gear tuning.
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  • hubcaphubcap Posts: 163
    If you are new to bikes and not used to tinkering around with the gears it would probably be easier to pop it into a shop and they will do it for you pretty cheaply. By all means have a go yourself first though, if you google the Shimane tech docs for the Sora front derailleur it will tell you the steps to follow to set it up.
  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    yep, cable probably just needs a bit of tightening, common on new machines. I'd urge you to watch a few youtube videos and learn how to do it yourself, its not rocket science and i think acquiring some basic skillsets is essential for reliable and safe cycling rather than having to take it back to your LBS every time something needs tweaking.
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