DHB R1.0 shoes

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Hello everybody,

Im new to this (road cycling) and have been told that buying proper cycling shoes and pedals is much better than normal pedals. However, Im not sure what to buy....the reviews of the dhb R1.0 shoes and shimano spd-sl R540 are really good but I dont know if they will fit each other properly. Can someone help me

Thanks in advance



  • Yes they will be okay as will any spd-sl pedal.
    Make sure that the pedals are supplied with cleats and would recommend that the cleats have some float. I think 6 deg is normal for shimano as these ones at Wiggle http://www.wiggle.co.uk/shimano-pd-r540-spd-sl-sport-pedals

    Shoe sizing can be a bit hit and miss. I have a pair of R1.0 size 44 and the are spot on for my size 8.5 standard width feet


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  • Thanks Charlie - appreciate the help. Will try not to fall over at the lights now

  • That's pretty much the combo I have (except older shoes) never had an issue and would struggle to justify spending more!
  • ordered...hopefully be a good investment, thanks