Four weeks to my first sportive...

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Hi all, I've foolishly just agreed to do my first sportive in the Lakes in a month.

Thing is, my training at the moment consists of about 15 miles per week...

Despite this, I've got a basic level of fitness and have ridden up to about 40+ miles in the past without too much trouble, so I'm wondering what kind of training I should focus on in the next month to prepare as best I can? The event's about 65 miles so I know the focus is getting the endurance in my legs.

I know I need to try to build my distance rides each weekend - I'll aim to do at least 2-2.5 hours this weekend and build up from there as much as I can. What else should I do? Like most people I have little time during the week, and don't fancy riding on the roads at night anyway.

I have a turbo - should I aim for fewer sessions and longer distance on the turbo, or try to train most evenings and do shorter, higher-tempo work?

On a related issue, what kit do I need? Do people normally take some kind of jacket that can be stuffed into a pocket or similar? Are there feed and water stations during the event?
Any advice gratefully appreciated...


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    A well known quote goes
    "Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike"

    -Fausto Coppi (when a reporter asked him what it
    takes to become such a great champion

    If you're planning on doing a big ride in the Lakes in November be totally self reliant, make sure you've got kit you can cycle in whatever the weather. Waterproof your mobile phone, get some good overshoes, warm gloves, buff, under helmet hat.

    I'd aim to do at least a 50 mile ride the weekend before the event.
  • Lake district? Make sure your training rides have plenty of hills =)
  • Thanks for the advice...yes I know the Lakes are rather hilly!

    I've ordered some winter kit - overshoes, full-finger gloves and a few other bits. Planning to do 30 or so miles tomorrow, then see how I feel at the weekend...
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    If its in 4 weeks time then I guess its the Cumbria Christmas Cracker ride? Thats usually some time in November.

    If so, I wouldnt worry to much since there arent really many hills in it. Red Bank is the steepest at 25%, but its short and right at the start. The rest of the hills are plain sailing.

    There's a food stop after just over the halfway mark, make sure you eat something.

    As for training, if you're pushed for time then I'd recommend doing so short rides (30ish miles) at as high a tempo as you can.
  • styxd wrote:
    Red Bank is the steepest at 25%

    Isn't that 1 in 4 in old money :shock:
    Still trying to convince the missus of the n+1 rule...!
  • Yep, Cumbrian Cracker. I've looked at the route profile and noticed that short, steep hill at the start!

    I'm just doing a turbo session each evening of around 45 minutes (using Sufferfest so I'm absolutely shagged after each session). Planning a couple of hours tomorrow, then see if I'm able to do a longer one on Sunday.

    Should probably take stock after the weekend and have a rest on Monday...
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    styxd wrote:
    Red Bank is the steepest at 25%

    Isn't that 1 in 4 in old money :shock:

    Yes, but in terms of the hills here it doesnt really register as a biggy. Its only steep for a little bit and its easy to just stand up and ride it out of the saddle all the way to the top.
  • It's this Sunday, rain forecast, should be fun!

  • So, how was it for you?

    Goosed when I got back, no major climbs but the lakes aint flat, Strava had it at 3750ft climb.

    Some posh steads on show for winter, I pushed my weighty crosser round which was the right choice for me