Cant ride, getting fat and fedup.

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Hello folks. im in need of some advice.

Several months (comming up to 4 now) i fell off my motorbike and broke my collarbone. Its still a malunion (i.e. its not stuck together yet) and to top that ive got frozen shoulder now. Just before i fell off i was getting into a bit of MTBing and loving it. Unfortunatly ive had to sell my rockhopper to get a private consultation but im not looking at how i can get back into the saddle quicker.

Can anyone offer help or advice as im sat at a desk all day and ive put a stone on now. I need to get this off and although the age old move more eat less is a good one its a bit difficult for me at the moment.

So any advice to get me back in the saddle quicker, and or healthier and or just feeling better about stuff.

Cheers guys.


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    andybrad wrote:
    Unfortunatly ive had to sell my rockhopper to get a private consultation but im not looking at how i can get back into the saddle quicker.

    1/ Not a good deal, I reckon.

    2/ So why write on here then ? However, have you tried walking around a bit ?

    If you want to be a strong rider you have to do strong things.
    However if you train like a cart horse you'll race like one.
  • sorry its a typo,

    NOW looking at how to get back in the saddle.

    Im basically after some advice as to how to build myself up quickly. loose some of this dreaded weight and build up enough core strength (i think) to support me without relying on my right shoulder.

    Any advice is welcomed.
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    core workout mix and match from there and do a few times a week.

    To lose weight you need to sort out your diet. some info on losing weight.

    Doing some weight work would also help, although maybe speak to what is ok to do with a sports injury physio.

    For getting in the saddle more... just go and do it. It might be worth keeping of rough rooty stuff if your injury has not fully healed and less likely to have an accident.

    Free website (MFP) for counting calories.

    I would stress sorting out your diet first would be helpful to lose weight but it's not worth doing quickly - there isn't a quick fix, else you just yo-yo.

    Hope this helps.
  • thats great info. thanks for the help.

    Any more is welcome as that looks to be a bit tough going. I cant weight bear on the arm yet so its hard to do a lot of the core stuff.
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    You can do a lot of weightless stuff with a swiss ball.
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    join a gym and just work on what you can do at this point in time. Sit on a bike there. Get the legs going. Use the treadmill. Rehab exercises to loosen the frozen shoulder too (depending where you are on the healing process)

    step machines - I always thought were for old people until I started doing intervals on them. Gentle rowing.

    During periods of inactivity, diet is key. Cut down on booze and fattening foods for the period you're less active. Ballache I know...but will serve its purpose.
  • Hi Andy,

    Concerning your weight loss interest this is a great book which is working for me, I'm deskbound myself

    at the moment and steadily getting thinner thanks to it

    The book is called "The Living Lean Cookbook" by Mike Dolce
  • Get in a swimming pool and do yoga (yes I do mean do yoga in the water.) Just stay in the shallow area and do balancing exercises and try to move around as much as you can. Take it slow with your damaged shoulder and only do what your consultant says to with that arm, actually why don't you tell your consultant your exact goals and get much better advice than anyone on here could give you.