spec of components - much difference for a newbe ?

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Hi Guys,

I bought a Trek Alpha 2nd hand over the summer.... have enjoyed it to date, and know any real improvement/time is in me... but i can;t help look at nice carbon bikes :-)

I've been looking mostly at Trek Madones... and also recently Specialized Tarmacs..

I doubt there is a lot to chose between these - but obviously 2nd hand the actual components fitted car vary.

is there much difference between the likes of 105 gear vs. durace ? would a newbe notice any real difference ??

I'm under no illusion that the real improvement(s) will come from me, and i may not even use the carbon bike i buy until next spring... but if the right bike comes up, I'll likely buy one any time.. and take it out on the nice dry/crisp winter days too :-)


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    You would notice a difference.

    Its whether you can afford/justify the price premium for the sometimes minimal performance gains.
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    read this^^^^^

    On Shimano Sora is entry level for a "proper" bike, generallly something with 2300 or worse / unbranded on it is a supermarket bike.

    Tiagra is decent kit and 105 is as good as you'll ever "need". However you may "want" ultegra / dura ace for sheer bling factor. as you go up the range its gets harder to justify the price increase in terms of performance and or the meagre weight saving.
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  • The differences are minimal; even the weight reductions, and that's what you're really paying for. 105 is a good groupset; a beginner 'needs' no more than Tiagra, and that's partly because it's the cheapest 10 speed; otherwise 2300 would be fine. Derailleurs, cogs and cranks are what they are; there's only so much variation between them!
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    I couldn't tell the difference between the 2300 and sora setup to be honest, so that spec of bike is fine for me, if you can live with having one speed less at the back :-). If you can afford bikes with 105 and above, best to do so as you won't need to upgrade later.
  • cheers guys.... yea, i think most of this is bling factor until you get into proper speed in the 'engine' :-)

    i'll keep an eye on the market.. i think a carbon frame with 105 is on the wish list.. durace or ultrega bonus depending on price.

    for those of you that have went from an aluminium bike like mind to a mid range carbon like the madone or specialized tarmac - did you notice a significant improvement in average speed over your traning runs ? or just feel nicer to ride - uphills etc ?
  • thanks mate... yes - probably right, this bike goes fine.. you always just wonder what a carbon one would ride like with decent components...

    i guess theoretically its better to ride this through the winter - pick something lighter up in early 2013 for competitions.. and relaly feel the benefit.

    I'll still keep an eye on the market for bikes, as you just never know..