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Chris and Danny.

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  • That was really guid, as they say in morningside, they both come across as really nice chaps - shame hoy didnt try jumping benches though. :D
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  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,386
    nicklouse wrote:
    No, no , no. Guid in other areas but not Morningside, oh no. In Morningside it is a very plummy "really quite good".

    Reminds me. I saw a derny going through Stockbridge the other weekend. Quite surreal.
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  • Great - nice way to christen the velodrome.

    What a great building :D
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • Redhog14Redhog14 Posts: 1,377
    Never seen Bridgeton Cross looking so clean and jakey free, must have shot that at way are those bikes in the background anything but props!
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