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How to be a zombie without the inconvenience of being bitten

slowlanejaneslowlanejane Posts: 312
edited October 2012 in The bottom bracket
After 10mg morphine, a diclofenic acid pessary and 5mg Diazepam (administered by A&E before discharge), simply take: 15mg Diazepam/day; 20-somthing mg Tramadol/day and 1000mg industrial grade ibuprofen/day in order to try to contain the pain of the nerve trapped between your T12 L1 vertebra that has your diaphragm and intercostals in spasm until it decides to stop spasm-ing - in my case 5 days - I think, I lost track of time a bit. Oh, you'll also need something to make you poo, something to stop your stomach being damaged by the ibuprofen and something to control your massive allergic reaction to one of the things you've been given, only they dont know which one it is and you cant stop taking any of them as its not killing you and the pain is worse than the allergy - which was pretty nasty - skin like porridge, covered in bumps and lumps, swollen tongue, lips & mouth, hot hot hot patches of skin - have the blisters to prove it.

anyway, instant zombie.

another week of fun & games in the life of slowlanejane.

Now I have my pain under control and my brain back, and come off the really strong stuff, I'm off to the doccies for tests etc to work out what happened.


  • lawrenceslawrences Posts: 1,011
    you mean bath salts?
  • why do they turn you into a zombie? You probably need to get out more
  • alihisgreatalihisgreat Posts: 3,872
    tramodol is horrific.
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    You have still managed to make this sound like an everyday event in your life :shock:

    Hope life returns to 'normal' soon.
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  • protoproto Posts: 1,483
    I thought this was going to be a thread about Emmerdale. Disappointed.
  • protoproto Posts: 1,483
    PS I sympathise. I managed to smash my T12, sort of disintegrated when I rode my motorbike into a ditch. So they fused the remains to T11 and L1, with a bone graft taken from my hip. Pain was shocking for quite a long time.

    My career as a contortionist was over. And I'm a fair bit shorter than I was :(
  • mattshropsmattshrops Posts: 1,134
    Morphine is proper scary stuff. Woke up in hospital-had been on a morphine on demand button for a while- and i genuinely didnt know where i was or what i was doing. Dragged myself out of bed (with a broken pelvis and a cricket splint on my leg) and tried to make a break for the door. :lol: clump clump drag the drip behind me etc. Nurse walked in and i recognised her face and suddenly everything fell back into place, i made up some story about needing the loo.Caught a glimpse of my reflection with mad staring eyes. :oops: Not a great look.

    I also developed some allergic skin condition which lasted nearly a year after the last of my medication. completely gone now.

    Good luck -try to remain positive and keep your sense of humour. It helps.
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  • dodgerdogdodgerdog Posts: 292
    Haven't you peaked a couple of weeks too early? :wink: Halloween is at the end of the month :P

    On a more sensible and sympathetic note glad that you have managed to get through this and despite your allergic reaction sounding unappealling it clearly was on the less serious end of possible outcomes. Any ideas how the nerve became trapped in the first place?
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  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    Lay off the Tramadol, I took it for Shingles earlier in the year and it f*cked me sideways.
    Couldn't sh*t either.
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    That's the insidious nature of opiates. I had a herniated disc 20 years ago after some over-enthusiastic gardening. Back went into spasm in the evening and wife called the GP out. He shot some morphine into my right buttock and left me a pile of codeine based pills. Not a word about the possible side-effects.
    4 days later I was still in bed and my bowels appeared to have gone on strike. Two more days and several tins of prunes and I was thinking I finally needed to go. Back still agony, and intermittently going into spasm, I worked out the only way I was getting out of bed was to roll sideways till I fell on the floor. Then hauled myself along the landing using only my arms, and to this day I can't remember how I got myself onto the pot itself.

    Very cautious about any heavy weight gardening / lifting even now. Even more cautious about the side effects of medication.
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