Which Bike should I get

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I have asked before somewhere else and got 1 response , but i am interested in listening to more ideas.

I am wandering which of these two bikes should i get :

1) Allez Sport 2012 around 1050$
2) Allez Elite 2011 around 1200$

The only thing keeping me away from the Sport 2012 is hearing that the Sora shifters are not really that good and can be a pain.

Is there any reason why the allez sport 2012 would be any better ?

Any ideas are really appreciated .


  • jordan_217
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    On paper any bike can seem/better worse than another but stats and spec don't tell the full story. Take them out for a test ride and make a decision based on that.
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    If you spend more time on the hoods, the sora is no problem, just changing on the drops a bit iffy.

    The elite has the better frame though. Not sure to me it would be worth the extra 150..and I prefer the white/blue instead of the red :-)
  • The main reason i am looking at the elite is because of the Tiagra Groupset . Not really sure :D
  • zx6man
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    its 9 speed tiagra so closer gears , proabably wont make too much difference to shifting performance between them (a friend has the 2010 elite which was just a diff colour), just the hood levers I reckon for you preference.
  • Sprool
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    ooh i just got a sense of deja vu reading this...;)
  • hehe :D I said that i asked and got an answer and was you :D then thought it would be better to post here .
    I just do not want to make a wrong choice :D
    Though as others said i should probably go and sit on them and see which fits more.
    Again the only reason keeping me away from the Allez sport 2012 is the sora , but i can change the rear into tiagras (dno if its worth anyways).

    Thanks for the feedback though.
    Special thanks to you sprool ;)
  • pkripper
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    probably go for the cheaper one, as i think the 2011 spesh was still 9spd tiagra - if it was the 10spd, i'd defo go for that.

    Or just choose whichever you like the look of most.
  • The Elite is a full pound lighter than the Sport, and the Tiagra, in my opinion, is better than the Sora, especially for changing. I would go for the Elite.
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  • I managed to find the Elite 2012 for 1220$ , so i will probably go for it :D
    Thanks everyone for helping me out :D and y Wacky the tiagra is the main reason i wanted to go for the elite especially that i now found the 2012 one with the 10 speed.
    Is there anything that is better in the Sport than the Elite afterall ? Or is the Elite a step above?
  • Sprool
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    elite is a model higher, but last years one. I'd still go for Elite :)