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is there any website with a full comparison of frameset? i.e. weight to stiffness etc etc?

would be interested to have this for a custom build...
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    127 views and no replies suggests not.

    Start one.
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    Nothing like this exists because there are too many ways to measure these things, so that individual test results comparing a small number of bikes can't be compared meaningfully with tests done on other bikes by other testers.

    You could have a look at the website of the German "Tour" magazine however - they have tested a lot of bikes and I assume using the same methods consistently. It's all in German obviously...
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    about 10+ years ago cycling plus had a very good article in which a selection of frames were compared by a mechanic in what looked to me like a fairly thorough series of tests .

    as I remember it it showed that traditional steel frames were a pound heavier and a lot stiffer , particularly around the bottom bracket. I would like to see the same study done again with 20 modern frames of various prices and materials.

    can we see the original?
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    One of the German magazines runs an extensive test every year where they do exactly this - lab test frames for deflection and consequently most of the German brands make frames that perform well in this test. You'll probably find a link on Weightweenies.
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    there is a database on the site. but the database is not organised, they have obviously tested a lot of trying to pull data off it will take ages. I might as for the information. But the downside is that they are all in german...had to get a translator to translate the information showing on their JPGs...Grr

    yes as the previous stated...they use the same method to test stiffness and flex and then ride it for the "feel" factor like agility/comfort. they only test complete bikes it seems
    Road - Cannondale CAAD 8 - 7.8kg
    Road - Chinese Carbon Diablo - 6.4kg
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    if they let me have their database it would be amazing, otherwise it is long nights ripping their site and translating 1by1 copying the time i finish that 2050 may arrive and we will all be on hover-boards
    Road - Cannondale CAAD 8 - 7.8kg
    Road - Chinese Carbon Diablo - 6.4kg