Fitting rack

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Hi anyone fitted pannier racks to a Sectuer Elite 2011? The only holes available were plugged with little plastic plugs from new and they would take an M4 bolt only. This pic - ... otostream/

I found when searching how to do this and the holes in my frame arein the sameplace. It seems strange that these holes are for an M4 bolt size and are not threaded? It would mean faffing about with a nut on the other side. Are panniers not usually M5 and the frame is threaded? The Sectuer Elite is pannnier rack ready.

Any advice please?


  • Just to tidy this up and in case anyone retrieves this searching - I am delighted (and a little embarrassed) to confirm that these holes are indeed M5 threaded bolt holes (so they take the standard pannier rack bolts) but were gunged up with overspray paint. A little gently working back and forth and the bolts fitted fine. (Thanks to commuters for advice!) :D