country night riding help

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the problem i have is that i work nights, now in the summer this is good, i can get up at 3 or later and get out for atleast an hour easy say 3 times a week and get my long ride in the obviously its getting darker its pretty much going to be dark when i set off.....

so i have been looking for lights, now i asked today my cousin what he would buy and said the one worth buying are going to cost a real fair bob or 2 which i had thought would be the case.

next option was to get on the turbo, i have one entry level cycleops, the thing apart from the bordum is (if i describe this right) the figures and stats, is there a way on such a low specked turbo to know how far you have ridden? i know i can use my heart rate monitor and cadence though. do many of you just ride turbo during the week and head out over the weekend?
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