Brake pads / rim surface

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My brakes have made a terrible noise and haven't worked very well since I got this bike (2nd hand).

Due to a severe lack of time I haven't had chance to look until last week. Pulling the pads off it was obvious they were full of bits of alloy. I sanded them down a bit and flicked all the bits of metal out. I then put them back and adjusted them to suit.

The next 30 miles or so were fantastic - the brakes no longer made everyone look round, and they appeared to work much better. I was happy. Then they started to get noisy again so they have now picked up more metal from the rim.

So is it because the pads are getting old? Maybe hardened a little? Or is it just because the metal in the pads before has been scraping the rim and it's just excess that is now being picked up again?

I didn't want to buy new pads if they're just going to pick up the metal straight away. Should I take the tyres/tubes off and rub down the rims first?

I've never purchased pads like this before (only had disc brakes before) - do you buy the whole metal part with the rubber on or do you remove the pad itself from the metal? Any recommendations on makes?


  • It is because you don't clean your bike.
    Rims need a good wipe when you ride on wet roads
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    I never had a problem with my pads until i recently started using Ksyrium Elites, and for the first time ever i noticed lots of metal flecks embedded into the rear pads only.

    I thought i might have picked it up off the road and decided to bin the pads (swisstop green) as i couldnt get the metal out.

    The rims seem smooth and fine, and i take good care of my bike regularly cleaning / servicing it.

    Any explanation?
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    I have never had this problem since putting Koolstop Salmon blocks on all my (alloy rim) bikes. The rim does not seem to wear as quickly either.