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Just got a Bryton 35 computer, so thought great will import all my other rides so that I have everything in one place rather than some parts in Endomondo and Strava.

But everytime I import from a file on my PC in BrytonSport website it states that its successful but never appears, tried it with loads of different files from different sources and updated software on the PC etc. But they never appear.

Just wondering if anyone else has these problems.



  • I've not had any problems with my rider50 uploading to Bryton and being able to send to Strava
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    Can you export from Strava or Endomondo and import into Bryton and see the new upload?
  • Sorry, thought it was the other way round.

    Have just looked at my Bryton Portal and there is an option to upload (*.gpx, *.kml, *.kmz, *.bdx, *.tcx) on the My Data Tab, I haven't tried it, I too thought about this when I got my Bryton but figured exporting and importing my rides over the last 12-24 months would take too much time so didn't bother trying it.

  • BUR70N
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    Hi, would it be possible for you to try, Strava/Endomondo into Bryton? Or anyone else try?
  • Gave it a try and found that when importing the .gpx file that I exported from Endomondo it uploads it to Planned Trip not the History. I guess it can't be done afterall.
  • I find the brytonsport website a bit rubbish, i just send them all to Strava once uploaded into the bryton site!
  • I've just started using the Bryton Sport website. I'm finding that if I upload tracks from my device any changes I've previously made to my tracks are overwritten. I can't find a way to selct which tracks to upload. Does anyone else have this problem?
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    I also just use the Bryton site as a bounce point prior to Strava. To be fair, the Bryton site does offer full analysis of one's ride stats, it is that Strava is just so much better (not least because it is a more generic tool so offers more comparative/social interworking).

    I have also found it difficult to select specific rides to upload so I now clear out the device (using Device manager, delete tracks) when I know that the files have been successfully uploaded to Strava to prevent overwrites.
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    I have a Garmin Edge 500 for the bike and I've just recently bought a Bryton Cardio 35 watch for running. I must say having used the Garmin Connect for a long time the Bryton website is a bit naff compared, on Firefox anyway, it seems to refresh the page on its own. When I upload run's to Strava they always come up as bike rides.
    I wore the watch on a bike ride once to compare the Bryton and Garmin. The ride data was pretty much the same on both devices but interestingly the Garmin showed 1401 calories, the Bryton 2251 calories and Strava 1665 calories for the same ride, so quite a difference in all three. I do realise that these devices arent really 'that' accurate at calculating calories but there seems to be a big variation and the Bryton seems way off.