New Road Beginner in Zürich

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Hi All,

New to the Forum and only recently started riding again. Have been very inspired by some of the posts on here.

I've been doing a little cycling for quite a few years in the UK, but had had a bit of a break from it (due to moving countries and general laziness). Since moving to Switzerland and noticing that out here there are a lot of cycle routes, I decided last year to see if I could get back into it. I bought a cheap hybrid to see how it went.

I loved it - 4 months and 1000 km's later and having decided a Road Bike was what I wanted. I've just collected (and ridden the 1st 25kms) on my new bike. A Specialized Secteur Comp X3. Have to say I'm delighted with it the first ride took me down some riverside tracks and then out into some traffic and it rode beautifully. I was slightly worried that some if the gravelly leafy paths that punctuate the nice paved bits might not be so easy, but it all seems ok.

Slight ache in my shoulders as the riding position is a bit different. Hoping that will go in time. The riding position was set in the shop for me, but maybe it needs a bit of adjustment.

Only thing wrong is that I didn't take a photograph when it was shiny and new and now both me and it are wet and covered in mud - It's not ideal weather at the moment but it had to be ridden!
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