Any Riders around Worksop area?

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Hi looking for local people around Worksop area to ride with :)


  • rik_t
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    Where abouts are you?
  • Hi I live in Worksop, do you ride around the area?
  • iDad
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    Me and a couples of mates ride out usually once / twice a week when we can escape the families.....

    Some out through Gateford estate and out towards Woodsettes, down towards Stones wood towards anston then over down Pig Farm hill and on to the Canal and back...15miles ish.
    Out towards steetly via shireoak/rhodesia? then out over Darfoulds towards Drinking pit lane....out in to Clumber near Trumans....a great single track blast we've found in to clumber....round the cycle route then back up past the College Pines golf course and on towards sparken hill.....24-28miles round trip from my house up gateford rd.

    looking for other trails if you have any suggestions.

    oh and we're oldies....36-42yr olds.
  • iDad
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    Sherwood pines Sunday anyone?
  • Dawesy92
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    I ride pines when I can if thats any help! :-)
  • Lincoln-based, looking for fellow riders! Pines is a good place to meet :)
  • Dawesy92
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    We could sort a ride out for one weekend sometime? Im game for that.. butni go to Florida for two weeks om 28th of November so sttuggling haha
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    Im game! Sooner rather than later as its nearly Christmas time haha!
  • the weekend of the 23rd November? How's that for folks? :)
  • Dawesy92
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    Im sure i can make that work! :)
    I will admitt im not the quickest rider around....
    But can just about do the red route at pines in 55mins ish... well that was when it was dry ahah
  • Yeah im no speed racer but i do my best haha!