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Horst Linkage Screw Loose

Obs1dianObs1dian Posts: 88
edited October 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Back in June I bought a Radon Slide AM 7.0 from Today, 2 days before I'm due to cycle the Forest of Dean, I noticed after 2 weeks of not having ridden the bike that I am missing a screw from the horst link on the bike. Previously screws elsewhere on the bike were loose (brake rotors), when I noticed this I checked the other suspension screws and some of them were loose too... not great.

Below are two pictures to illustrate: Picture 1 shows exactly where and what is missing. Picture 2 is from the website (replacement bushings/links) and highlights the exact screw I need and where it goes.

I basically need to know if I will be able to source this screw in the UK within the next 2 days....? Help! :?


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