saddle seating issues

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had my road bike for a few days now covered about 30 miles plus I have noticed I am slipping forward in the saddle and keep needing to push myself backwards so im more comfortable and feel thats where i need to be. Any advice as to whether my saddle needs moving forward or backwards or moving higher or lower or is this just what happens when riding a road bike. :roll:
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  • mallorcajeff
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    sounds to me like its not level? Put a spirt level on it and get it level then either have a bike fit or look round the various ones online to see if your in the right ball park. But sounds to me like its not level
  • Well I looked at the seat there are two Allen bolts one at the rear and one in the middle of the seat which is only accessible if if put the Allen key through the slit in the seat, which does the angle adjustment I don't really know, I put a straight piece of wood on the seat and then put a level on it , it showed 2 degrees down I have not played with the bolts yet as unsure which to loosen the middle one in the seat seems favourite any advice
    Giant TCR Comp 2
    Specialized Allez Sport
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    Change it a 1/4 turn at a time, undo the front one and then tighten the rear, I am trying to get mine spot on and I am doing mine like that and giving it a couple of rides to see how I settle into it.