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Bucks - yellow card

Chastise1943Chastise1943 Posts: 40
When you buy a shirt described as 'unworn' you don't expect to then get one with multiple snags in the fabric and dirt on the collar to suggest a fair deal of use. No replies to 2 subsequent emails either. The first asking for a full refund or £15 off the £35 price. Verdict on my Bike Radar experience with Bucks - piss poor.


  • bucksbucks Posts: 91
    no need to bump my old thread in the sales area and put other users threads down for the sake of this. A pm will suffice. I'm a busy man and I am not able to check this frequently. For the record, the jersey was not worn at all. Ive bought new jerseys with a few fabric snags on. The jersey was worn a couple of times, (at the store i bought it in), and when i got home with a base-layer etc, but it just wasn't the correct size for me in the end. I would have returned it to the store (bristol tri shop) but they only refund store credit, and i would have preferred cash, hence why the sale here)

    I guess you only have my word on this, but I am an honest person, and can categorically say this was not worn on ONE ride.

    Your choice, and i am happy to oblige.

    send me back the jersey, and you shall receive your refund in full. Ive sold a fair bit on here and many other forums with no bad experiences before. I am sorry you aren't happy, and I am also sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.
    All I can do is say I am sorry, and i hope we can sort this out, I understand you are probably a little hesitant about sending me back the item before I give you back your cash, but i hope i can supply you with all the information you need (phone number, name, address etc etc) to put your mind at rest that i am not a thief.

  • bucksbucks Posts: 91
    appears you have sold the jersey?

    I am guessing a return is off the cards then?
  • Refund agreed with seller. Thanks
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