Hello BR, Newbie here.

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Been commuting for about 2 months now and loving it.

Just shy of 8 miles each way (in Nottingham) mostly on cycle paths and a bit of road. It gets a bit of a chore when you're waking up in the morning and just can't be arsed, but once you're on the saddle it's very enjoyable.

I've been using Strava to track my progress and I seem to be about 2mph faster than when I first started! :oops:
Is 1mph a month (average) improvement bad? (I know any improvement isn't bad, but should it be higher?)

Riding a ~£350 Hybrid at the min (Merida Speeder S1) I knew nothing about bikes when I bought it, and still don't. But anyway, I will upgrade to some sort of road bike after Winter I think. :)

Kudos to all the riders getting 17-18mph+ averages also, I don't know how you guys keep the pace up!



  • HI, any improvement is good.

    I found just by riding more and more and losing weight you can't help but speed up.

    Try and do some longer runs at weekend, 25 is a good number, not too far, not too short.
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    If you're seeing an improvement at all then well done, once/if you get a road bike you'll see the speed increase and it will encourage you to churn out the miles. I'd think 1/2mph improvement per month is pretty solid as this would cut distance times quite a bit! Getting bitten by the bug is the main thing!
  • Welcome on board, another one from my neck of the woods. :D
    Tail end Charlie

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    That's for the advice guys. I think if I can keep up the commutes through Winter then a new bike ready for the summer will be well deserved. :)

    @ Frank - I'm commuting from Basford to Chilwell. Is that anywhere along your route?