Possible to mix SRAM Apex Brakes with Shiamno 105 shifters?

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As the title would suggest, I'm looking to find out whether the Shimano 105 shifters are compatible with SRAM Apex brakes. I have a 2013 Specialized Roubaix sport on order (to replace a crashed bike) and the only question mark for me is the Tiagra brakeset. I've used them before and never liked them, the solid rubber blocks give very little feel and are rubbish in the wet. I've been riding a bike with SRAM Apex brakes on for nearly a year and love them, the bite and feel is spot on. I still have the crashed bike which I'm stripping down to component form so have a set of SRAM Apex barkes available.

So, does anyone know if the 105 Shifters and SRAM Apex brakes will work together without any issues?



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    bump! I have similar issues...!
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  • I would imagine so. I use sram force rear and sram red front with Tiagra shifters with no problems. In the end, it's just a cable that connects them together ...
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    I use Sram rival with Ultegra 6700 without any issues
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    They'll be fine. If you still have problems try changing the pads out for some SwissStop green or KoolStop salmon. They're less prone to pickup and give much better performance in the wet.
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