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Password and New Login System

HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
Hi All... For some reason I was unable to login to Bike Radar last night, all I got was "an error has occured" or something like that... At one point I requested a new password which is now a random string of letters... That still didn't work however this morning I seem to be able to login again.. How do I change my password back to what it was? Anyone know?
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  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 5,499
    User Control Panel (near the top right) > Profile > Edit Account Settings
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
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  • The log in did go funny the other night - i tried it on chrome, safari and firefox - i think it must have been down to the boys in the white coats making changes. If it goes funny again, just wait an hour.
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  • HeadhuunterHeadhuunter Posts: 6,494
    I'm still having problems... Just tried to log in on my phone again and just get "an error has occured"....
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  • sam1176uksam1176uk Posts: 524
    I can login on my pc but cant login on my mobile, getting "an error has occurred" as well ... ??
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