Recommend a Club?

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I was wondering if anyone was able to recommend a friendly bike club? I've been cycling regularly for 6 months or so and have gradually been building up the distance to complete a couple of hundred mile spotives recently. With winter approaching I'm looking for a bike club which can keep me motivated through the cold months and also open up the social side of cycling which I feel I've missed a bit up to now. I'm female, just shy of 30 and based in Hammersmith.



  • smidsy
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    I don't know specifically, but the follwing at least allows you to identify which clubs are near you. You can then make contact and start to identify the one that is right for you.
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    Kingston Wheelers have quite a few members on here (jibberjim, okgo and Maryka are the main 3 I can think of) and seem to have plenty going on for riders of all abilities.

    I think London Dynamo are that end of the city too.