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I wear glasses and today whilst out riding in the fog/must I had real issues with my specs misting up constantly, I spent the whole ride looking over them.
Any tips on how I can stop this?


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    I hope you won't consider me flippant when I suggest you investigate contact lenses.

    I have needed glasses since the age of 14 (pretty myopic without them although I can find the alarm clock at night ... eventually). Modern soft daily disposable contacts with their high liquid content do not really need any build up time to wear so if you have not tried them before would really recommend you give them a whirl.

    Out today with my contacts and clear Oakleys at one stage I had to remove the Oakleys to see. So if anyone has any suggestions I am likewise all ears ...

    Kind regards

  • A friend I travel to rallies with abroad wears glasses and when we were over in Sweden last February he put washing liquid (of all things) on them; let it dry and cleaned it off with a cleaning cloth.
    Where he got the idea from I haven't a clue,but his glasses never steamed up. Whether this was a result of his theory I don't know!

    I have the same problem with my camera lenses too this time of year - but I'm buggered if I'm putting fairy liquid on them :D
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    There are plenty of anti fogging products out there - rainx is one.. cat crap is another.
  • I had the same problem today - half the ride spent in mist and fog, with the result that I could see chuff-all. Contacts *really* don't work for me - I tried them once and nearly died, as the damn things cause my eyes to water and the lenses move about a LOT, resulting in pretty poor vision overall.

    The old "soap on the lens, polish it off" trick works up to a point, but there comes a time when the lens just wets out whatever you've put on it IME. I suspect that today would have been one of those days. I'll investigate hydrophobic/hydrophilic lenses next time I need to get some glasses made up. So far I've avoided using Rain-X as it does bad stuff to plastics, and the manufacturers warn against using it on lenses.
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    I had the same problem today - half the ride spent in mist and fog, with the result that I could see chuff-all. Contacts *really* don't work for me - I tried them once and nearly died, as the damn things cause my eyes to water and the lenses move about a LOT, resulting in pretty poor vision

    It may be that contacts are just not for you, however if it has been some time since you tried them it might be worth a revisit.

    When I started with contacts the only suitable type because of my astigmatism were rigid lens so I started of with hard and then moved onto gas permeable rigid lenses. With the rigid lens you had to desensitise the eyes which meant wearing them for increased periods of time. They were as you described interesting to start - eyes watering madly and an inability to look up because of the sensitivity of the eye lids

    Some bright spark then introduced Toric soft contact lenses which automatically rotate into the correct plane on the eye. What a revelation - no need to build up wearing time because of their high water content (circa 70%) they are comfortable immediately on the eye and at least twice the size of my old rigid lenses.

    I only use contacts for sport ( stopped wearing them full time as I can take my glasses of for near vision ( one of the penalties of getting older),

    Would definitely recommend them as it solves the rain issue (I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses)


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    Try Bolle contour Edge on fleabay. Nice fit, very cheap and are safety glasses too, they don't mist up either. The soap thingy works until the rain pours down and the effluent down your cheeks and into your mouth tastes boofiful.
    Divers use a bit of spit on the lens but I think the dynamics are a lttle different underwater.
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    Oh, sorry - didn't realise you wear wearing 'proper' vision correction glasses.
    I should have gone to Specsavers. Lol
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    +1 for rainX..
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    Be careful with RainX. It can ruin some types of lens hardcoating. Check with the maker of your lenses to be sure.
  • Along the lines of using washing up liquid I've also used shaving foam...that's foam not cream or gel.
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    Another contact lens wearer, and they really have improved over the last couple of years - especially for astigmatism.

    Even dailies are old hat now. I've got constant wear monthly disposables. I put a pair in on the first of the month; keep them in all the time (even sleeping) and a month later, pop them down the toilet and put another pair in - I don't even have to give my eyes a rest between pairs. I only occasionally take them out if I'm really suffering from hay-fever in the summer.
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    Are they wraparounds like Oakley style? Everyone has this issue, but if you can wear them in such a way that there is airflow round the inside AND outside glasses, you should have a better time. If it's right up on your face like Oakleys, then they'll not be able to equalise and you'll get condensation.
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    I have Oakley Radars and used to suffer.

    Now use Muc Off Anti Fog treatment - it does exactly what it says on the bottle.
  • A smear of washing up liquid works best for me, it breaks down the surface tension. Works great on bathroom mirrors and snorkelling masks as well