10 Yr old girl road bike

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I am looking a 10 yr old girls road bike, to try and get her into racing, i have taken up riding this year and love it, she also wants to give it a go!!
I am looking for links to a decent 1st road bike, without having to spend a fortune.
Thank you :D


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    The number one place for serious bikes for children is Islabikes. They are properly scaled down with appropriate components. They're not cheap but they keep a high resale value. What about a S/H one (ask on the Wanted section here, or Islabikes do p-x so should have S/H).
  • Thanks, i heard fuji do a nice bike, also dawes, but i cannot see for looking online!!
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    My blog has a few links to various bikes, but it is not exhaustive http://junior-road-bikes.tumblr.com

    First thing to find out is her height, and what wheel size she might need. An average 10year old is going to be about a 26" wheel (or a 650c). Unless she is quite short then she might still fit a 24" wheel. The main options are:

    * Islabikes Luath http://www.islabikes.co.uk/bike_pages/luath26.html
    * Moda Major http://www.eurobike.uk.com/details.aspx?p=176
    * Dawes Espoir

    Islabikes are the market leader. Very light, good components and you will get an excellent resale price (85-95% back on eBay). My kids have the Luath and I rate them.

    The Moda is also good, though you see less of them around. My son has one and it is much more a proper race bike -- basically a shrunk down adults one. I find it hard to choose between the Moda and the Isla. We've only gone with an Isla recently because it can have the tyres swapped to race cyclocross. Other than that we would have stuck with the Moda.
    Blogging about junior road bikes http://junior-road-bikes.tumblr.com