Giant Frames.. (and I don't mean really big ones)

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I came across this link. The video and data suggests Giant frames outperform the whole competition and seem to backup the data. However this video has obviously been produced by Giant :?

Just wondering if people think it's marketing hype or they really are better than the competition?


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    Saw it a few weeks ago.. seems legit. But then again I do ride a Giant!

    They provide the figures.. maybe the tests favour Giant bikes? but I doubt it.. seems like a pretty reasonable way to test stiffness.
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    I ride a giant Defy 1, 2010 model.

    All I know is my local LBS mechanic who services it says when she's road tested it that it is a really quick bike.

    All I know is when I'm out with mates, it seems to roll downhill a lot faster than they do.

    But that could just be me being smaller and lighter.

    I think Giant make fantastic bikes, been riding them for over 20 years. When I can next afford an upgrade, I'll by a Giant carbon model.

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  • You would of thought that the only few things which make a bike roll faster are - weight - heavier would actually roll faster through air due to its inertia, type of bearings, rotational weight, resistance to air (streamlining) not sure how a frame can make any difference?
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    I think something similar/same was posted a while back?
    Frames like the Scott Foil were missing as a comparison etc.

    I think a report by the same company will be favourable but I used to love my TCR Composite and I really love my TCR Advanced SL so any reports wouldn't change anything :D
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    Its well intentioned but it is rubbish - there was a big discussion in Weight weenies which was mostly focused on their weight claims and they uncovered their bogus test data (the non-isp frames were tested with 250g seatposts, heck even my supersix comes with one that is 220g as a standard), even then there are reviews of the same frames by independent reviewers that indicated much higher weights. Their stiffness tests if anything show that the cheaper SuperSix is in fact the best bike at its price range. In any case other magazines, usually german ones which are more thorough than Bikeradar and the like showed that there are stiffer bikes then the Giants.
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    Stiffer can often mean less comfortable though. Depends on what Giant is trying to achieve and what you want from your bike.
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  • totally agree with the above, this is marketing boll*ks by giant.
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  • Sorry, but apart from professionals, who anyway ride what they are paid to ride, who really cares? The enjoyment of cycling should far outweigh some meaningless measurements. At my favourite cafe stop I often see a chap with a 50+ year old Mercian steel frame bike. It's absolutly wonderful. Gets far more admiring looks than the Bianchi's, De Rosa's, Pinerello's etc etc. Whatever you ride.... love it.
    I'm not getting old... I'm just using lower gears......
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    Mikey41 wrote:
    Stiffer can often mean less comfortable though. Depends on what Giant is trying to achieve and what you want from your bike.

    Giant tested drive train stiffness and steering stiffness.. which affect the efficiency and handling of the bike.

    Comfort comes from vertical compliance -> something which they didn't test.
  • How do they know how their competitors measure all these tests? so they bought competitors frames and "presumed" their competitors measured their results with a metal bar instead of the fork? ......really? im not that gulable.
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