What to expet from a new build???

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Not quiet sure where the best place to post this is :? but will give it a go here.
Just wandered what peoples thoughts were with regards getting a new bike and maybe expectation around it?
I've stepped up my mileage a lot and am looking to ride out most times possible inbetween the other sports i do. I used to own a giant tcr advanced but unfortunately had to sell it. I always fancied a carbon and have built one myself through sourcing all the bits as a menas of being able to get one.
Ive got a pro lite galileo carbon frame set, campag centaur cabron shifters, rear mech and chainset, record carbon front mech, pro-lite bars, specilaized pave nh post, being the main and mavis ksyrium wheels (equippe).

Anyway my question having set the picture is what should i be expecting from a bike like this? should i be expecting to be thrilled by the ride? would you be on your new bike? what makes the bike good and beyond others?
I haven't done many miles on it yet so a bit hard to say but i'm not 100% sure what i think about it :?
hope that all makes sense wold be interested i peoples thoughts? cheers jon