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Dura Ace 7900 or Dura Ace 9000 wheels - Difference?

simonscansimonscan Posts: 35
edited October 2012 in Road buying advice
What is the difference between the current DA 7900 clincher wheels & the new DA 9000 wheels?
I know their probably more expensive, but is it worth waiting until their released to buy?


  • I believe the DA900 will take 11 speed cassettes and smaller by using spacer, whilst the 7900 can NEVER take 11 speed.

    Apart from any cosmetic differences or costs, I think the 11 speed issue would be my main reason whether or not to go DA9000

  • DHA987SDHA987S Posts: 284
    Weight is the first thing, all of them are lighter. If you are looking at clinchers then the c50 has the wider rim but the c24 and c35 versions retain the same dimensions as the outgoing model. The rims are meant to be more aero in the newer model along with different spoke patterns on the rear wheel. There is also a c75 clincher only version.
  • I assume you've seen this: ... 012-35434/

    Doesn't add much but sounds like there's very little difference

    "These wheels carry on with last year's slightly narrower profiles and hub flange spacing but get new 11-speed compatible titanium freehub bodies"
  • I was going to purchase the DA 7900 50mm clinchers, but is it worth waiting until the new models are released.
    Are the hubs exactly the same?
    Would there be any benefit waiting for the new ones?
  • Hubs have been improved, rims are wider, 2:1 lacing on the rear, 11-speed compatibility, weight is a bit less.

    Up to you if you think this justifies the near RRP you'll pay for DA9000 versus the discounted prices you'll get on 7900 e.g. Wiggle are currently giving 40% off a 7900 C35 clincher wheelset.
  • Thanks, I already have the DA 7850 CL24 wheels, wanting something deeper now for club runs & racing.
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