BB30 options for Campagnolo 11 Speed

Paul 8v
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I'm looking at fitting an Athena groupset to a frame with a BB30 bottom bracket shell. There's two options as far as I can see, either use the BB30 adapters from Campagnolo or fit a BB30 crankset.

Firstly, is it going to be worth having the BB30 over the standard Campagnolo powertorque axle? Or perhaps a better way of putting it is how much of a difference will it make fitting the larger axle over the standard size?

If the answer is that it will make a big difference, what BB30 chainsets are there out there that will work with Campagnolo 11 speed? Can't seem to find much on this on the web but someone must have come across it as most frames seems to be coming with BB30's now.

Any advice would be great.




  • limoneboy
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    fsa k light works with my campy record great std rings bb30 , did think about getting 11 speed rings at the time but no need they work and i have had no chain drops or extra noise.

    chain reaction have them at about £200 at the moment or slk's which are a bit more (same chainring though)i think.

    i have heard that using the adaptors can cause creaking and even damage to the bearings. mine is as smooth as silk after 2k .

    hope this helps
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    Thanks, I knew someone on here would have tried this :-)