Ummmm confused over look cleats

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Hi all. I'm a bit confused, I thought all look cleats were compatible with each other, I have a pair of look keo easy pedals, that came with the grey cleats. They have worn through so I order a pair of look delta cleats in red, but they don't seem to fit the pedal? What am I doing wrong


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    Ordering Deltas is where you went wrong - a different cleat for a different pedal sadly!

    Look don't make Delta style pedals anymore though Exustar do. Lots of people still using the pedals so still a market for them.
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    Ok, then they are for sale new and unused in red , delta pedals. £10. Pm me
  • Why not just return them?!?
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    nutter_bed wrote:
    Why not just return them?!?

    Probably because he's opened them and fitted them to his shoes
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