Just took my girl out for her first spin.

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Well, just took my girl out for her first spin since she has recovered from her sciatica..
We just went out on the flat for a spin and got about 3.5 miles done without any major issues! She's just starting out but I'm hoping this will get her the bug.
Don't want to put her off too much with big hills or steep cat 1 climbs or anything like that so. Will build her up gently!. https://t.co/a0D18zL

It's been a while...


  • wife, girlfriend, daughter? (hopefully not all three!)

    Well done whatever, I got my daughter riding about 8 months ago and she is well into it now. Doing a 66 miler on Saturday with her in the New Forest.
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    Haha! Nope it was just my Girlfriend I took out last night. My Daughter is 4 so she's still content with riding round the house / garden!

    Gonna build her up slowly so that I don't put her off... will try a 5 - 10 miler at the weekend and take it from there.
    Hopefully by then the bug will have bit! :D
    It's been a while...
  • My wife always swore blind she wasn't interested in getting a bike, she used to take the micky out of my lycra gear, and despite being her constant source of amusement I 'd try to convince her to give it a go. Eventually she succumbed, but said there was no way she'd have clip in pedals, no way she'd wear lycra, and would only use the bike for flat riding on our local lanes.

    Fast forward 6 months, she's up to 30 miles, she has all the gear and she is asking me whether I've sorted a route for the weekend. She is begging me to sort her pedals out, and loves buying bits for the bike. I just let her enjoy it at her own pace, never pushed her, although occasionally have had to wait for her at the top of climbs, but one major benefit is that she now never moans when I buy gear.

    Moral of the story, don't push her hard, just throw in the odd extra climb and the odd extra mile and she won't notice going from 3 miles to 23 miles over the period of a few months. Find some nice cafe stops too.
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    My other half has recently got into bikes again after having bmx's and racers when she was younger. This time she wanted a mtb as she's never had one and that way I'd get some use out of mine.

    We've been out a few times in the local area, and as said above on the climbs she struggled a bit and I had to wait for her. Then last week we had a short break and stayed at Kielder forest for a few days and took the bikes.

    On the Sunday we did the full lakeside loop which is 27 miles off road with some pretty tough climbs and tight switchbacks, we took our time and stopped along the way for a bite to eat and to look at various artwork around the trail and we both really enjoyed it.

    In fact it was nice for me to actually slow down a little and enjoy the ride and take it all in. Here's the ride tracked on Strava, obviously no records broken but that wasn't what the day was about :)

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    She is begging me to sort her pedals out...

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